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How do I edit my profile?
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You will need to be signed into your RK9 account how to sign into

Once signed in, go to the RK9 Profile Page.


The player information in your profile is shown to tournament organisers when you register for tournaments.

If you are a parent creating an account for your child, you must enter your child’s information.


At you can set general player details.


  • Your preferred pronouns (optional)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birthday (If your birthday is enter incorrectly you must file a support ticket in order to request a correction)
  • Country/Region




Connected Accounts -


Click Connect to connect your Discord account.

  • If you aren’t logged into Discord, you’ll be asked to log in.
  • Log in with the Discord you plan to use for tournaments.
  • Discord will display the authorization window where you’ll authorize to access your username and avatar.
  • Verify that you are signed in with the correct Discord, and then click Authorize.
  • You can repeat this process at any time if you need to connect a new Discord account.





Here you can enter information in order to participate in Play! Pokémon tournaments.


Play! Pokémon Player ID

  • Enter your Play! Pokémon Player ID as it appears on your Play! Pokémon Trainer account. (How to create a Play! Pokémon ID)
  • If there is an error, or you need to update your player ID you will need to file a support ticket.


Pokémon VG Trainer Name

  • Enter the name of your Trainer in your game of Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet.


Pokémon GO Trainer Nickname

  • Enter your Pokémon GO Trainer Nickname as displayed in the game.


Pokémon UNITE Trainer Name

  • Enter your Pokémon UNITE Trainer Name as displayed in the game.


Pokémon TCG Online Screen Name

  • Enter your Pokémon TCG Online screen name (not the username you log in with) found on the Pokémon TCG Online Settings page in your Play! Pokémon Trainer account.


Pokkén Tournament DX Screen Name

  • Enter your Pokkén Tournament DX screen name as displayed in the game.



Bandai Profile -


TCG+ Member ID

  • Enter your TCG+ Member ID (Membership No.) from your profile on the Bandai TCG+ web site.
  • You can also find you TCG+ ID in the TCG+ app by selecting profile from the "Others" screen.
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