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Parent information for registering your child
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Each player must have their own account in order to register for tournaments.

RK9 uses Google Accounts for authentication and authorization, so your child will need a Google Account.

If your child doesn’t have a Google Account, or you prefer to set up a new one for them to use to sign into, you can create a managed Google Account using Google Families.

Google has a support article that walks you through the steps to create and manage your family group.


Once you have a Google Account you wish to use go to For detailed instructions on how to sign in, see Signing in to



Creating you child's profile.


Now that you have created and signed into your child's account, you will need to complete their profile.


Go to you should ensure that the account shows the correct Google Account primary email in the Account Details section.

Now complete the Account Details section by entering your child's information. Registrations on RK9 are only valid for the named player on an account.


If registering your child for a Pokémon event you will need to enter more information at

If registering your child for a Bandai event you will need to enter more information at


For further help with profile creation see, How do I edit my profile?



Register your child for a tournament


Pokémon tournament registrations can be found at


When registering for a Pokémon tournament ensure that you have selected the correct game (Trading Card Game [TCG], Video Game Championship [VGC], Pokémon GO [GO])


For some tournaments the registration links will instead be provided by the tournament organiser.

In these cases the registration link is normally shared on their website or social media pages.


The information on registration pages will guide you through the registration process.

If the tournament requires information that is not complete in your child’s profile, you will be prompted to fill in the missing information.

Once that is done, return to the registration page to begin again.


IMPORTANT NOTES: Tournament Registrations are only valid for the named player on the registration, they are not transferable.

Registrations are not completed until payment has been completed and a confirmation has been received.

You can view all your child's registrations at Tournament Details by selecting "MY REGISTRATIONS".

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